by Will Bozeman
March 17, 2023
Affecting an estimated 4-10 million Americans, carpal tunnel syndrome is considered to be one of the most common nerve disorders in the U.S. But despite how widespread this condition is, the pain derived from carpal tunnel affects each person differently and has a unique impact on their lives.  If you are among those experiencing debilitating […]
by Will Bozeman
March 13, 2023
If you are considering knee surgery for the discomfort and disability caused by your knee pain, you are certainly not alone.  Since the first knee replacement was performed in the late 1960s, knee arthroplasty has become a popular and accessible solution for conditions that cause debilitating joint pain and reduced range of motion.  According to […]
by Will Bozeman
February 27, 2023
Interferential Current Therapy (ICT) is a non-invasive therapy that uses electrical muscle stimulation to relieve pain and enhance healing. It is used for a variety of conditions but especially for chronic pain and post-surgical pain. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about ICT and whether it could be an effective treatment for you. What […]
by Will Bozeman
December 19, 2022
As I start out most articles on osteoarthritis, (OA) affects almost 33 million adults in the United States alone and more people are diagnosed daily across the nation with this chronic condition. Like peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis is a condition that often manifests in the knees, fingers, and toes of patients who have been diagnosed with […]
by Will Bozeman
December 8, 2022
Statistics show that shoulder pain will affect more than 25% of adults at some point during their lives. In some cases, shoulder pain can be a temporary issue that causes mild discomfort; however, most shoulder problems are chronic and related to conditions such as arthritis, ligament and tendon tears, pinched nerves, and inflammation.  When it […]
by Will Bozeman
November 14, 2022
We’ve covered a variety of conditions as well as their various nonsurgical treatments, highlighting the pros and cons of each in comparison to treatment with Neuragenex. It is with certainty that we hold the treatments provided by Neuragenex head-and-shoulders above the rest because of their non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-chiropractic application and lasting effects. That […]
by Will Bozeman
November 10, 2022
Introduction: Low Back Pain Low back pain is extremely common in the United States and manifests across a wide range of people in a wide range of scenarios. A common demographic of low back pain are patients who are obese or have suffered injury throughout their lifetime. However, low back pain can be a result […]
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