by Will Bozeman
November 21, 2023
Migraines and fibromyalgia are two complicated and often debilitating conditions that impact the lives of millions of individuals globally. While they are two completely separate conditions, there is an intriguing connection that exists between them.  This article serves as a comprehensive guide to share with you the intricate relationship between these chronic pain conditions. You […]
by Will Bozeman
November 5, 2023
Experiencing a headache every once in a while isn’t something to worry about. Most people suffer from pain in the face and neck due to factors such as occasional stress and lack of sleep.  However, when your headaches become recurring or chronic, there is no time to lose. Understanding what’s causing them and finding the […]
by Will Bozeman
October 12, 2023
Today, it is estimated that over 12% of the population suffers from migraines, and a large percentage is affected by chronic episodes. While migraines aren’t life-threatening per se, they can have a profound impact on your mental health, physical well-being, productivity, and overall quality of life.  That’s why, whether you are plagued by chronic headaches […]
by Will Bozeman
August 11, 2023
Are you experiencing recurring headaches or migraines that seem to last longer than you think they should? You’re probably asking yourself, “How long do migraines last? And when should I seek help?” Understanding the duration of a migraine attack can offer valuable insights into managing and treating this debilitating condition. In this article, we aim […]
by Will Bozeman
June 30, 2023
Migraines are much more complicated than your average headache. They are a complex neurological condition that has an impact on millions of people worldwide, and they also have the potential to severely impact your quality of life.  If you suffer from migraine attacks or have seen someone experience one,  you might understand how intense these […]
by Will Bozeman
June 17, 2023
Migraines involve recurring, debilitating headaches lasting anywhere from a few hours to several days. Approximately 39 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic migraines, and many more experience occasional ones. Unfortunately, nobody knows what causes migraines, meaning there is no cure. However, there are a variety of triggers that have been identified. Different people […]
by Will Bozeman
May 18, 2023
When most people think of what a migraine is, they think of a brutal headache that can last for a long time. However, a migraine is much more than just a headache. In fact, it’s not a headache at all — it’s a neurological disorder that causes various physical and psychological symptoms. Therefore, to effectively […]
by Will Bozeman
May 4, 2023
Headaches are incredibly common. Almost everybody in the world has a headache occasionally, and they can range from mild to severe. Many people get these headaches often or even daily. However, there are many types of headaches, as well as certain conditions that cause headaches, such as migraines. Migraines are not the same thing as […]
by Will Bozeman
December 19, 2022
If you have ever experienced a true migraine or suffer from chronic, recurring headaches that last for four hours, you certainly understand the urgency for an effective form of pain relief, as well as some ways to prevent them from occurring.  Moderate to intense throbbing pain that fluctuates for hours and sometimes days, debilitating nausea, […]
by Will Bozeman
November 14, 2022
Mild to intense throbbing pain that fluctuates for hours and sometimes days, debilitating nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are more than a bad headache, and someone walking around talking about how they have a migraine is likely using migraine as a catchall term for headache and not actually experiencing a real migraine, […]
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